Antifa and Me

What a plane ride home back to Texas!

The Antifa guys next to us fell dead asleep. As they stared me down with my Trump 2020 mask, I looked them straight in the eye and prayed through it and let the Holy Spirit look at them, through me. The peace was incredible.

They instantly looked away. Then shortly after, no joke, they fell asleep and were out the entire time…probably from “protesting” all night (the flight attendant had to wake them up at the gate).

This after we missed our landing because we were too close to the plane in front of us. We had to gain altitude like nobody’s business.

Hello runway. Hello sky. That was super fun.

Then I had the MOST awesome parking shuttle ride back to my car. I have a full size decal picture of President Trump on my window.

The driver saw it and went up to it and slammed his finger on Trump’s face and yelled, “I am from Egypt and just became an American citizen!! I will be voting in America for the first time and I will be voting for this amazing man!!! I do not understand why Americans don’t understand how important it is to keep this man in office. I didn’t move here to be a communist!!! I love that man!!” (He was very passionate about his beliefs)

At this point he had tears in his eyes.

He then shook my hand and said, “You get that man elected. God Bless you and America and God Bless Donald Trump. Because of America I am free…”

It was absolutely priceless. Made my entire day.

Everyone, I mean everyone, gets it but Liberals. Wake up people. Wake. Up.


Keep Fighting the Good Fight!