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PLEASE read and pray for me. I would really appreciate it.

Hi wonderful Patriots!! So FB kicked me off again–for the same reason, for the same post. Talk about violating our Constitutional Rights and blatant censorship. Are we in the USSA?

They have to babysit my posts and make sure they are UnAmerican and inclusive enough for them. They have stated that not including all genders and all religions and references is “hate speech” and calling out anyone for anything, including their leftist tactical nonsense, is “hate speech”. Yet isn’t that showing hate and selectiveness themselves?

Also, praying for a group of people, in FB’s mind, assumes there is a weakness and therefore that is also “hate speech.” It is unbelievable that I can report the “f” word, sacrilege posts and blasphemy, and none of it gets taken down as FB labels it as “free speech”, yet MY posts are labeled as “hate speech”.

If you know anything about me, I won’t take this lying down. I’m about to turn some tables upside down. I will also take this to the media, but it has to be done right. I know this from leading one of the largest TEA Party groups in liberal California. I need to raise money ethically and legally because we all know the IRS will attempt to take this all down. That will come later…

Ya’ll know it is a fierce spiritual battle we are facing. FIERCE. And very REAL. Satan doesn’t like it and he certainly doesn’t like God’s truth. He is assembling his army and although he has no power over God and His people, he can send demons to attempt to oppress and harass us and humans to goad us.

In my opinion, these people aren’t interested in change. They are depraved and most likely beyond any help we can give them. Do NOT engage with them. Post a scripture verse and move on–the Word of God has to be our language in these end times.

I will be starting a movement that educates parents and grandparents on everything they need to look out for in America and the world. From apps, to social media to television shows to companies, school curriculum and more. ALL of it.

I am assembling a team of volunteer conservatives and still need:

  • A lawyer to help me with getting a 501c3 in place.
  • Parents to get online and listen to school board meetings and TAKE copious notes.
  • All of you that can, to attend City Council meetings and let me know what is happening in your town with COVID and vaccines.
  • Share with me articles and news stories that affect children in a negative way.
  • Help me put together weekly emails to my followers.
  • Tweet and post about this.

I also want to assemble a TEAM I can put on the website. Yes, you may be at risk of being harassed, BUT I believe our God is greater!

I will talk about all of it on my radio show. The FIGHT is on.

We need to join together in this and my calling is to help teens and tweens and support parents.

I will do what I can to get around this as much as possible but if FB bans me you can find me on:

Parler @Doc4America

MeWe as Bridget Melson

Email: drb@drbradio.com.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJ42KsiZ9V9owoOdeXc5Iw?disable_polymer=true

Also, when my website www.drbRadio.com is finished, you can hop on 24/7 and chat like on FB. I am having that built in!!

Send articles and any information to drb@drbradio.com.

And here we go!! Please share this far and wide!! I need people to sign up for the Diagnosing America w/Dr. B newsletter, at drb@drbradio.com . Also email me with the role you’d like to take and if you’re brave enough to have your picture and profile attached to this. It isn’t for everyone…and that is ok. I will need behind the scenes prayer warriors as well.

I would LOVE to post my prayer warriors pictures as well so they know they have an army fighting this spiritual battle.

Keep Fighting the GOOD Fight!

-Dr. B